Mount Funäsdalsberget

A mountain for activities all year round

The mountain is not just for skiing during winter; it also makes a great place for activities during spring, summer, and fall. When the lifts close for the season, the ski touring enthusiasts start their training, going up and down the slopes of the Mountain until the gravel road leading up to Toppstugan cabin has thawed.

The FunäsGondol, provide everyone who doesn't want to walk or run up themselves, with the possibility to get all the way up and enjoy the view. Toppstugan offer waffels, game kebab, club sandwich, tasty coffee, and an amazing view from the terrace.

From Toppstugan you can continue up to the peak of the Mountain, the vista point. Here you’ll have an expansive view, 360 degrees, to Norway as well as the provinces of Jämtland and Dalarna. From here you can also go on a magically beautiful tour on one of the trails leading in the direction down to Funäsdalen and the entire mountain world.

If you like challenges, heights, and climbing, you can also choose to climb Via Ferrata to the top of the Mountain. You start above Funäsdalen Church and arrive at the terrace of Toppstugan. A great feeling once you’ve done it!