At summertime the area around Funäsdalen offers an unbeatable outdoor experience with all hiking trails in unspoiled nature, meadows with orchids and fish-rich waters.

Under each heading (in the blind) read more information on various activities in Funäsfjällen. When you are here, our staff will be happy to help you find out more.

For those who want to challenge them self a little extra there is 400 km mountain bike trails, a via Ferrata on Funäsdalsberget to climb or even the ability to climb any (or all) of Funäsfjällens 60 peaks over 1000 meters.

Why not set up in Fjällturen, a mountain bike race of 9 km to 70 km that runs i July. There is also a foot race from Funäsdalen village up to the top of Funäsdalsberget.

For those looking for relaxation and outdoor experiences we can warmly recommend everything from day trips on foot or more days in a tent in the mountains. Funäsfjällens beautiful and spectacular golf courses provide a gaming experience beyond the ordinary and the Mysk-ox center in Tännäs you can get acquainted with one of the world's oldest mammal species.